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Cleanco waste treatment services

Medical Waste Incineration

CWT shall provide the bins and related bags to be only used at the final collection point only as per the quantity of Medical Waste generated in line with reasonable requirements.

Medical waste collection from the last collection point


Transport from the Health Care Facilities in CWT truck to our incinerator plant to our Al Dhafra/Al Ain based Incinerator plant


Rotary Kiln Incinerator with thermal treatment System for all the Medical Waste collected from the facilities. Our Rotary kiln Incinerator has capacity to treat the waste at the capacity of 1500 kg/hour.


Ash and slag fall from the rotary kiln into a wet de-ashing system. The ash extraction is an automated system. Disposal of all ashes in TADWEER approved Landfill area.

Hazardous Waste Management Services

Collection of the Hazardous Waste packaging, marking and labelling as per applicable standard.


Transportation of Hazardous Waste by Waste Producers using Tadweer approved ESP to our Al Dhafra/ Al Ain based Incinerator plant


Finger print analysis of the Hazardous waste in our own Laboratory based in AL Dhafra.

Incineration of the Hazardous waste in Rotary Kiln Incinerator and treatment of Inert Hazardous waste in solidification plant and dispose to the landfill. Our incineration system is controlled and monitored by a programmable control system. The most important parameters are displayed on a PC screen

Waste Acceptance Criteria
Medical waste

Any waste resulting from activities of health care facilities, including hospitals, medical laboratories, blood banks, dialysis centres, biotechnology companies, medical clinics, dental clinics, drug factories, research canters, pharmacies, and medical stores.

Wastes also include bandages, syringes, needles, sharps, mops and drugs, pharmaceutical products, laboratory farms, human and animal tissues, and blood and body secretions, in addition to any other similar or related materials that are capable of causing infection or harm.

Hazardous waste

We provide services for hazardous waste collection and disposal in both solid and liquid form, in compliance with all government laws and regulations. Hazardous Waste collection, treatment and disposal solutions are available for

  • Shipping waste
  • Chemicals waste
  • Oily sludge
  • Industrial waste
  • Oily waste water
  • Other hazardous waste
  • Empty Pint cans
  • Paint Sludge
  • Contaminated sand with oil
  • Pesticides and biocides waste
  • Waste contains freons
  • Halogenated Solvent waste